Hiking Cruises

A different way of walking. Discover the combination of hiking and sailing.
By sea, on board the Shanti Nagar, a comfortable, modern sailing ship( 44 feet, 13,60m)
I offer you access to the most beautiful coastal paths in Brittany.

What could be more exciting and exotic than to go from one landscape to another, or to disembark and set off to explore the Breton countryside, then emerge several hours later in front of the vast sea ?
Hiking-cruises are also about discovering the pleasure of sailing on a beautiful,
elegant, fast yacht from one mooring to another, where you can take advantage of the yacht's „stern beach „ for relaxation and bathing.

The Skipper Felixyann Chevallier

Originally a deepsea fisherman, he has established his reputation as a competent seaman, skilful at adapting his sailing to suit the level of his crew, on traditional boats such as the bisquine „La Cancalaise“ and the dundees Etoile Molene and Popoff.
In his view sailing should be fun.

The Boat

The Shanti Nagar is an OLEA 44 built by Olea Composite, near the Pointe St Mathieu in Brittany at the end of 2009

Architect: Pierre Rolland
length : 44 feet, 13,60 m
width: 4,5m
draught: 1,90m
double keel: she can run aground and so reach places inaccessible to other yachts
material: composite
3 cabins, 2 bathrooms with cold and hot water
engine: Nanni 50 hp

Navigation zone

The boat is based in Cancale. Routes as requested.

Siret : 000

Gite de mer - Cancale - 35 - Location de gite en Bretagne près du Mont Saint Michel et de Saint Malo

Location de vacances mer et campagne en Bretagne entre Côtes d'Armor et Mont Saint Michel : Gîte La Chalune - Cancale - 35

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